waltzofzombielock said: Tag, you’re it! I’ve been tagged by another user and since I tagged you, wonderful tumblr user, you now need to answer the questions I’ve posted on my last post (in which you’re tagged). Have fun and follow the rules!

Rule 1: Post the rules. 
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make eleven new ones. 
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them in your post. 
Rule 4: Let them know they’ve been tagged.

1) Are you a one fandom, or multi fandom blog?

I’m a multi-fandom blog pretty much.

2)What is your favourite kind of juice?


3) How many people do you talk to on tumblr?

Quite a lot. xD

4) What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

Taylor Swift and 3 particular Jonas Brothers songs.

5) What is something you would love to do, but are too scared to?

Too many to count, Bungee Jumping would be one.

6) Biro or fountain pen?


7) Morning person, or night owl?

Bit of both

8) Is there a particular blog that you stalk/check regularly?

Many of the ones I follow, especially the ones that follow me, but at the moment, kayla-is-in-the-tardis

9) Where in the world would be your perfect place to live?

The village where I live now actually. But with more awesome people. :D

10) What fictional character do you align yourself with most?

Used to be Bruce Banner/Hulk, but probably The Doctor now. Actually, both. They ARE very similar. :P

11) What colour do you wear the most of?

Probably Black and White, or maybe blue… Red’s my favourite however…

My 11 Questions for the people who Imma tag are:

  1.  Say what one of your favourite quotes is.
  2. Which is your favourite superhero?
  3. Which Hogwarts House are you in?
  4. Marvel or DC?
  5. Favourite incarnation of The Doctor if you have one?
  6. Greeks or Romans?
  7. Favourite mythological creature?
  8. Favourite Pokemon?
  9. Favourite Fantasy Book/series?
  10. Favourite Science Fiction Book/series?
  11. Favourite film?

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